Elections Committee

The Committee on Elections is a Committee of the Board formed with the following functions:

1. It will administer the Guidelines for the Conduct of Election Campaigns, as these Guidelines are established by the Board and as they may be changed from time to time.

2. The administration of these Guidelines requires that the Committee monitor the conduct of the candidates for election for every office that is voted upon by the Membership of the IPA.

The Committee’s way of working shall be as follows:

1. The Committee members themselves will be in frequent communication through the Chair of the Committee, by telephone, fax, email, and any other suitable medium of communication, during and throughout each election campaign until after the deadline for receipt of ballots. If possible, the Committee shall meet in person on any occasion that presents the opportunity, such as a Congress or other meeting.

2. Any Member, Candidate for elective office, or IPA officer may report concerns about or observations of alleged infractions of the current published election and campaign guidelines to the Chair of the Committee; the Chair is obliged then immediately to inform all members of the Committee and to solicit their opinions about the matter, including what response seems appropriate on the part of the Committee. The Chair shall next inform all Committee members of all the opinions received in response and offer a proposed course of action. The Committee members will then vote on the proposal by the Chair or suggest alternatives, which, if agreed to by the Committee members, will then be voted on. The majority opinion prevailing, the Chair will initiate the agreed-upon action. The Chair shall keep adequate written or electronic records of all such transactions and provide a summary after each event and/or meeting, and these records and summaries shall be a part of the IPA archives.

3. Such reports to the Chairperson of concerns or of alleged infractions should contain specific information regarding the candidate involved, the actions or behaviour of concern, the date, time, and duration and whether other persons are involved in the alleged infraction.

Composition of the Committee

1. The Committee shall consist of nine members, three from each Region. In this way, three committee members in each Region should be able to monitor the activity in their area.

2. The terms of the Committee members shall be staggered. Three members shall be appointed by the President every two years, one member from each Region. Each member shall serve a six-year term. Members who cannot serve the complete term shall be replaced by presidential appointment to finish out the term. Members cannot succeed themselves but an appointee to replace a member who has left may be appointed for a full six-year term.

3. The Chair of the Committee is to be appointed by the President from among three names submitted by the Committee to the President for this purpose. The Chair is appointed for a two year term.

Reporting to the Board

The Committee shall report when necessary to the Board regarding its functioning and experience and with any suggestions concerning modification of its Mandate and its guidelines.

Approved by Executive Council, 15th December 1997, New York

Membership rotation system in place

Full NamePosition
Dr. Renato Marcelo CanoviChair
Ms. Julia FabriciusMember
Lic. Carmen Médici de SteinerMember
María Victoria Niño VillamarínMember
Dr. Harvey J. SchwartzMember
Dr. Kenneth WinarickMember
Dr. med. Daniel ZaouiMember
Mr. Stephen ThiermanEx-Officio