Korean Allied Centre Review Committee

Allied Centre Review Committee (ACRC) - Mandate


Once the Board has approved Allied Centre status and Broomhills has ensured that the contract between the IPA and the Allied Centre has been completed satisfactorily, the President of the IPA will appoint either an Allied Centre Review Committee (ACRC) or an Allied Centre Reviewer (ACR).

Allied Centre Review Committees (ACRC): An ACRC will constitute two people from the region where the group is based. The Committee will visit only once a year.

Allied Centre Reviewer (ACR): In cases where a group has both an Allied Centre section and a Study Group section an Allied Centre Reviewer (ACR) will be appointed as part of the Sponsoring Committee to the Study Group. Although a member of the Sponsoring Committee, the main function of the ACR will be to carry out the Allied Centre review function. In addition to this they may also assist with the Study Group function if necessary. The ACR will visit the Allied Centre in conjunction with visits to the Study Group either once or twice a year, at the discretion of the Chair of the Sponsoring Committee.


(For the purposes of this mandate both Allied Centres Review Committees and Allied Centres Reviewers will be referred to as 'reviewers'.)

The reviewers conduct periodic reviews of the Allied Centre and report back in writing to the IPA Allied Centres Committee, copied to Broomhills. The relevant costs of this person or Committees visits to the group will be funded by the Allied Centre.

In reports to the Allied Centres Committee, the reviewers are asked to report on the following points:

  • The current development of the Allied Centre and significant events during the past year, together with any proposals or recommendations.
  • The issues raised during the reviewers' visit to the Allied Centre, including any issues that the Allied Centre wishes to bring to the attention of the IPA Allied Centres Committee or the IPA Board.
  • The nature of any professional assistance and/or advice the reviewer/s were able to provide to the Allied Centre during the year or during its visit.
  • Confirmation that the IPA and the Allied Centre are complying with the terms of the Allied Centres Protocol document, specifically that:
    1. the Center is not giving the impression that it is a Constituent Organisation of the IPA;
    2. the Center is not training or qualifying psychoanalysts.
  • The views of the Center on its Allied Centres status and any suggestions as to how this relationship may be strengthened or improved.