Institutional Issues Task Force


The IPA recognises that organisational dynamics have an influence on the functioning of training institutes and societies, but this area has received relatively little attention until now. It is proposed to create a Task Force which will scope this field and develop proposals for longer-term IPA work. This will include putting more focus on the issue of group and organizational dynamics, raising awareness among the IPA's Members, and acting as a resource for parts of the IPA (such as component societies or training institutes) which may wish to use the skills and expertise of the group to support them.


The Task Force will:

  1. by the end of November 2014, produce a report for the Board setting out proposals for how this work could be taken forward in the longer-term;
  2. advise the Board, ExCom and the officers about the group and organizational dynamics of any particular situations referred by them to the Task Force;
  3. develop proposals for the web editorial board and the Boston Congress Programme Committee for how group and organizational dynamics can be given an appropriate profile among the IPA's Members.

Composition and budget

It is proposed that the Task Force will consist of a chair, plus two members from each IPA Region.

The Task Force will do most of its work electronically, but $15,000 provision will be made in case it is necessary for it to hold a face-to-face meeting during 2014.

Approved by the Board January 2014.

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Prof. Shmuel ErlichChair02/04/201415/08/2017102289
Dr. Abel Mario FainsteinMember08/09/201415/08/2017102356
Dr. Elizabeth B. FritschMember08/09/201415/08/2017102734
Dr. Mario PeriniMember08/09/201415/08/2017106239
Dr. Edward Robert ShapiroMember08/09/201415/08/2017107498
Dr. Siv Boalt BoëthiusMember08/09/201415/08/2017100868
Mr. Paul CrakeEx-Officio12/02/201401/08/2017157979