United Nations Committee

This Committee will have the following tasks:

  1. To make psychoanalysis visible and heard in the United Nations system in general and in the meetings of the Economic and Social Council and its subsidiary bodies in particular.

  2. To interact with other non-governmental organisations working with the United Nations system, particularly through the many established NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) committees of potential interest to the psychoanalytic profession.

  3. To bring international issues and concerns to the psychoanalytic profession, with a view to developing a methodology linking individual development to socio-economic development in the world community.

  4. To assess the state of the discipline and practice of psychoanalysis in light of such international concerns as conflict prevention and resolution, effects of prejudice and ethnicity, violence, child abuse and in general the promotion of international welfare.

  5. To consider, advise, and promote contributions that the profession of psychoanalysis might make in such areas of international concern.

The Committee on the United Nations will report to each meeting of the Board to describe the work done so far and any conclusions or inferences drawn from it. It will carry out its work by committee members' personal oversight in Geneva and New York and in communication with more distant members by telephone, fax, and email. It will hold working meetings at each biennial International Congress and other working meetings as may be arranged.

Approved by the Executive Council, August 1st 1997, Barcelona

Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm End
Dr. Vivian Blotnick PenderChair01/08/200901/08/2017106199
Dr. Adrienne E. HarrisMember31/01/201615/08/2017144994
Dr. Laura RavaioliMember03/11/201515/08/2017155440
Dr. Sargam JainMember31/01/201615/08/2017162315
Dr. Isaac TylimMember20/07/200101/08/2017108280
Dr. Alexander D. KalogerakisMember31/01/201615/08/2017139933
Dr. John W. BarnhillCorresponding Member01/05/201001/08/2017140205
Mme Dr. Annaik FeveCorresponding Member01/08/200901/08/2017143718
Dr. Phillida RosnickCorresponding Member01/03/201001/08/2017106907