The IPA shall in promoting its charitable objects:

Section A. facilitate communication among psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic organisations; educate psychoanalysts and the public, by means of appropriate research, study, publications, scientific congresses and other meetings; and otherwise foster the development of psychoanalytic knowledge and mental health;

Section B. establish, for application by its Constituent Organisations, the essential professional and ethical criteria for selecting, training and qualifying psychoanalysts;

Section C. support the formation and development of, and sound basic criteria for, psychoanalytic organisations;

Section D. inform the public via publications, media and governmental and non-governmental organisations, of the purposes, capacities, and uses of psychoanalysis as a means of promoting and preserving individual and social well-being and health;

Section E. advance the psychoanalytic profession and the professional needs and interests of psychoanalysts; and

Section F. exercise discretion in serving any of the foregoing purposes or objects and making or implementing decisions and actions permitted or required by its Memorandum and Articles of Association and these Rules.