IPA Webinars 2024

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Upcoming webinars

  • IPA Book Event: The Astonishing Adolescent Upheaval in Psychoanalysis 29 June
  • Innovations in Child Psychoanalysis 26 July (Spanish)
  • IPA Book Event: The Astonishing Adolescent Upheaval in Psychoanalysis (Spanish) 27 July
  • Challenges of Publishing in Psychoanalysis 30 August (Spanish)
  • Psychosis: Does psychoanalysis have a chance?" 27 September
  • Do Dreams Still Matter for Psychoanalysis? 25 October 
  • Psychoanalytical Digital Media 29 November
  • IPA Book event: Femininity, Desire and Sublimation in Psychoanalysis 30 November
  • Psychoanalytic institutes: experiences and challenges 27 December

education webinar
Psychoanalysts in Educational Settings: Attending to Children's Inner World as the World Outside is in Turmoil 
Friday 7th June
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Music and adolescence
Music, adolescence and psychoanalysis Teresa Flores, M.D
Friday 28 June
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The Astonishing Adolescent Upheaval in Psychoanalysis
IPA Book Webinar
Saturday 29 June
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Archive scientific webinars 2024

Artificial intelligence
Psychoanalysis and Artificial Intelligence
Fernando Castrillon, Luca Possati, Leora Trub 
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Culture Cmte
The Voice of Resistance in Culture
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Psychoanalysis and Psychedelics: Theory and Integrative Practice
ego and the id
100 Years of the Ego and the ID
Online book event hosted by the Freud Museum and Publications Committee
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Desafíos para la intimidad
Seminario web: "Desafíos para la intimidad en psicoanálisis"
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toxic polarisation
Behind the scenes of toxic polarisation: consequences of a divided world. Part 2
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Multicultural Aspects of Psychoanalysis
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Archive institutional webinars 2024

Asia-Pacific conference
IPA Asia Pacific Conference "Suffering and Desire Across Cultures"
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