Meetings of Societies on Education

"Meetings of Societies on Education" is an innovative initiative for implementing the recommendations of the Task Force on Collegial Quality Enhancement of Training. Societies need a forum for reviewing and enhancing their policies and procedures for educating psychoanalytic candidates. The initiative was developed in a collaboration between PEC and the Task Force on Collegial Quality Enhancement. With the oversight function of PEC discontinued, it represents a creative means of enhancing and increasing the understanding and self-reflection within and between institutes. Goals of the encounters are  

  1. to exchange information about elements of training so that societies can learn from each other and importantly reflect on their own ways of organizing
  2. to increase understanding of different training models and to appreciate, when true, that different models can be employed to effectively and responsibility educate the next generation of psychoanalysts.
  3. to strengthened affiliated societies institutional identity thanks to their membership in the IPA.

Structure of the Meetings
Held at regional and international conferences, Society leaders and candidates from three different societies exchange and review their educational philosophies and the procedures. Members of the PEC facilitate the process. Each society introduces itself to the group in terms of history, training philosophy, orientation and some important policy and procedures starting an interchange among participants as the introductions are provided and show different ways of dealing with educational challenges. The facilitators then introduce aspects of the four pillars of psychoanalytic education (personal analysis, supervised clinical work, theoretical seminars and the support of the psychoanalytic community). The participants present positions, policies and procedures used in their societies and exchange with each other the advantages and limitations they have found with their local approaches. Facilitators monitor the group process so that all important areas are discussed while leaving room for the participants to focus on those elements that are most salient to them. 

Meetings of Societies have been piloted at regional meetings and they generated considerable enthusiasm among participants and met the goals of the PEC.  The in person meetings in New York and the virtual meeting during FEPAL meetings affirmed the value of these exchanges as participants both leaned from other societies and reflected on the philosophy, origins and values of their own policies and procedures. They will be continued and expanded in the upcoming years. 

Webinar October 2020
As part of the IPA's Webinar series the PEC held a webinar on: PEC’s Project "Meeting of Societies on Education” – from oversight to collegial quality enhancement. Go here to watch webinar.