Publish your book with IPA/Routledge


The IPA Publications Committee is always interested in receiving proposals with ideas for new publications. The Committee is specifically seeking book proposals on clinical and theoretical psychoanalysis and would like to encourage single authored proposals.  Click here to see a complete series of IPA publications.  


  • Proposals are welcome from both members and candidates of the IPA.
  • Any completed papers or proposed contributions may also be sent. 
  • The IPA does not publish papers or series lectures from conferences, symposiums etc.
  • The IPA is willing to review PhD theses proposals as long they are presented in a book format
  • Author bibliography


The Committee is specifically seeking book proposals on clinical and theoretical psychoanalysis and would seek to encourage single authored proposals.  Members and candidates who have not published with the IPA are strongly encouraged to apply. IPA Publications Committee Editors are proactively encouraging authors to publish and share Covid-19 related content (ideas for either a book chapter or entire book will be considered.)

  • A clear introduction of the book is required which illustrates the content and meaningfulness of the book to a psychoanalytical readership.
  • TWO chapters are required that are specific of the book.
  • Statement of aims: what are you doing differently, in a more innovative way, or simply, better than existing books?
  • Proposals must be sent in ENGLISH - the IPA does not cover the costs of translations.

To send your proposal or for more information please contact:  Rhoda Bawdekar, Publishing Manager [email protected]orld

Please CLICK HERE to
download the proposal form.

Deadline for Proposals: 1  NOVEMBER 2021