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IPA in the Community Awards 

The IPA in the Community Awards were established in 2019 to provide a vehicle to recognise and reward the valuable work of psychoanalysts outside of the consulting room.  All of this year’s winners will be recognised during a special awards ceremony in the Cartagena Congress later this year.

Winners Archive

IPA in the Community Winners 2023

Our full list of Awards videos can also be seen on our YouTube channel.


IPA and Humanitarian Organisations

Maria Cristina Perletti (2023)

Society: Italian Psychoanalytical Society
Project: An Open Shutter 

Runner-up: Isabel Mansione de Giordano
Society: Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association
Project: Migrantes;transformando el miedo en esperanza

Honorary Mention: Ayelet Barkai
Society: American Psychoanalytic Association
Project:A Home Within

President's Award

Not awarded for 2023.


IPA In Violence

Prof. Dr. Patrick Meurs (2023)

Society: Sigmund-Freud-Institut
Project:"Psychosozialer Verbund Rhein-Main (PSV)“ (Psychosocial Centre Rhein-Main)

Runner-up: Sergey Bogdanov
Society: Institute of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society
Project: Safe Space: Developing a Culturally Relevant Measure of Resilience for War-Affected Adolescents in Eastern Ukraine

IPA In Education

Geoff Goodman (2023)


Society: American Psychoanalytic Association
Project: A Story Grows in rural Uganda 

Runner-up: Maria Daniela Abreu 
Society: Caracas Psychoanalytic Society
Project: Un proyecto psicoeducativo y asistencial

IPA In Health

Alicia Lisondo (2023)


Society: Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of São Paulo
Project: SOS Brazil

IPA In Psychoanalysis
& Law

Silvia Lepore (2021)

Society: Italian Psychoanalytical Society
Project: Training and Discussion Group for Family and Juvenile Lawyers

Runner-up: Priya Tiwari 
Society: Indian Psychoanalytic Society
Project: Juvenile justice system

IPA In Climate

Luc Magnenat (2023)

Society: Swiss Psychoanalytic Society
Project: Engagement in the community

Runner-up: Cosimo Schinaia 

Society: ItalianPsychoanalytic Society
Project: Psychoanalysis and Ecology. The Unconscious and the Environment.

IPA In Culture

Hattie Myers (2023)

Society: American Psychoanalytic Association 
Project: ROOM: A Sketchbook for Analytic Action

Runner-up: Maria Mori 
Society: Brasilia Psychoanalytic Society
Project: Observatório Psicanalítico Febrapsi 

IPA In Prejudice, Discrimination
and Racism 

Ane Marlise Port Rodrigues (2023)
Ney Marinho (2023)


Society: Brazilian Psychoanalytical Society of Porto Alegre  
Project: Proyecto Ubuntu

Society: Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of Rio de Janeiro
Project: Social/racial programme for expanded access to psychoanalytic training at the SBPRJ Institute  

IPA In Emergencies and Crises 

Honorary mention: Aylal Yazici (2023)

Society: PSIKE Istanbul 
Project: Current issues in psychoanalysis working group



Patrizia Montagner (2023)

Society: Italian Psychoanalytical Society
Project: Psychoanalytic support in a centre hosting refugees from Ukraine

Runner-up: Yael Grauer
Society: Israel Psychoanalytic Society
Project: Adopt a Therapist