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My IPA - Abel Fainstein

6 April


My IPA - Serapio Marcano

23 February 
In Spanish


My IPA - Adriana Prengler

20th January
A key element of the current Administration’s strategy is to retain and improve the vitality and unity of IPA membership. Here, Adriana Prengler, Vice-President of the IPA, talks about her own experience of being an active member and how it has benefited her personally and professionally.


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Busting Sigourney Award Myths

13 June
Unsure if your work is eligible for The Sigourney Award-2022? Over the years recipients, nominees, and supporters have asked questions about The Sigourney Award, the prize that honors outstanding psychoanalytic work worldwide. Our hope is to dispel any misunderstandings about Mary Sigourney's intent for The Sigourney Award. Read on to dispel common misunderstandings about the prize.