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A-tishoo, A-tishoo We All Fall Down

23rd March 
by Dr.Jonathan Sklar, British Psychoanalytical Society 
All of Society does not fall apart at once. We are mainly used to being on the comfortable side of the equation rather than the other side.


The Australian Bushfires: Listening with Freud

29th January 
by Maurice Whelan, Australian Psychoanalytical Society

[Photo left by Dr Shahid Najeeb, Australian Psychoanalytical Society: It is feared 80% of the world heritage-listed Blue Mountain region west of Sydney was burnt. In this photo taken in the Blue Mountains, smoke fills the valley behind and below. The vegetation ekes out a tenuous existence on this outcrop, which itself sits precariously balanced above the valley. While the transience of nature fills our viewpoint, the humans below carry on seemingly, blissfully, unaware] .


Neville Symington

9th January
by Maurice Whelan, Australian Psychoanalytical Society


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