Is creativity dangerous?

Thursday 29 November 2018

The process of creating artwork isn’t always a smooth one. Desy Safán-Gerard – artist and psychoanalyst – discusses these difficulties, and how a therapist can help to re-establish a dialogue with creative work.

Doing Psychoanalysis in Beirut

Friday 23 November 2018

Marie-Thérèse Khair Badawi, founding member of the Lebanese Association for the Development of Psychoanalysis, and a member of the IPA, is interviewed by Angela Mauss-Hanke about the origins and future of psychoanalysis in Lebanon.

International Women's Day 2018

Saturday 06 October 2018

Press for Progress

Revenge has no boundaries

Wednesday 03 October 2018

“Revenge is an activity in which justice shall be regained!” Writing for the IPA blog, Angela Mauss-Hanke looks at why we feel a need for revenge and what makes this so dangerous.

Doing Psychoanalysis in Cape Town

Tuesday 02 October 2018

Angela Mauss-Hanke interviews Vincenzo Sinisi, a psychoanalyst, group analyst and clinical psychologist in private practise in Cape Town, South Africa.

Why the importance of a committee on sexual and gender diversity studies?

Friday 21 September 2018

As with any societal prejudice, bias against individuals based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity negatively affects mental health.

Psychoanalysis and Participatory Democracy

Friday 17 August 2018

Lene Auster explores how crucial contemporary political phenomena may be fruitfully analysed through psychoanalytic theory.

Offending and non-offending paedophiles

Tuesday 03 July 2018

Interview with Dr. Cosimo Schinaia

Basaglia Law

Monday 14 May 2018

Forty years ago: the abolishment of psychiatric hospitals in Italy.

Freud, or the Interpretation of Dreams

Friday 20 April 2018

Freud, or the Interpretation of Dreams was performed at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, with every night being completely sold out.