Self harming behaviours

Monday 29 January 2024

Humberto Lorenzo Persano asserts the presently observed increase in the incidence of self-harming behaviours may be related to features of our contemporary world and reveal a deep malaise among young people.

Trauma Transmission Resides Across Multiple Generations

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Psychoanalyst Jill Salberg reflects on the "hauntings" inherent in trans-generational transmissions.

There's a hole in daddy's arm

Thursday 17 August 2023

Ben Fife writes "If we as an analytic community, with what we know about the impacts of loss, cannot be present and attempt to help those in need understand these experiences, we risk becoming one more absent object in a time of need."

Repairing the Social Traumas of the Chilean Dictatorship

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Psychoanalyst Francisco Vásquez Ramírez reflects on the need for recognition and validation 50 years after Chile's coup d'état.