Childhood Development

Considerations of the familial and the social in the formation of childhood subjectivity

Thursday 18 May 2023

Michael O’Loughlin asks if we can imagine pedagogical systems or a therapeutic milieu that would enable children to begin to give an account of themselves, in ways that would allow them to begin to deconstruct the systems of recognizability embedded

The use of technology in the observation of the parent-infant relationship, Bick method, in the SARS

Wednesday 19 April 2023

Dr Ester Malque Latvian writes the use of technology was inevitable during the COVID lockdown, as it was the only way to give continuity to the observation of the parent-infant relationship. Like so many aspects of clinical work during the pandemic,

When We're Learning New Skills, Dependence Can Lead to Independence

Wednesday 09 November 2022

Psychotherapist NienJu Wu reflects on why learning new skills when we're adults can mirror our earliest experiences as infants.