The 3 Training Models

The IPA accepts training models employed within its Constituent Organisations and their Institutes, which are clearly based on the Eitingon, French and Uruguayan models, as meeting the IPA’s requirements for qualification and admission to IPA membership.

How to become an IPA-qualified training analyst

The IPA does not appoint Training Analysts (analysts officially recognised as qualified to analyse candidates), although IPA Sponsoring Committees are responsible for the appointment of Training Analysts within Study Groups. We do, however, appoint Interim Training Analysts.

Requirements for Qualification and Admission to Membership

The IPA Procedural Code on requirements for qualification and admission to membership.

Remote Analysis in Training

On the use of Telephone and/or VoIP Technologies in Analysis

Find a Training Institute

Candidates are eligible for membership once they have completed training within IPA Constituent Organisations or study groups.

Collegial Quality Enhancement of Training - Task Force Report

Opportunities for collegial mutual encounters

Developments to the Eitingon Model

IPA President Virginia Ungar, August 2017, outlines proposed changes

A 'Quadripartite Model'

Stefano Bolognini discusses the possibility of a ‘quadripartite model.