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Children’s Minds in the Line of Fire Blog

Intra-psychic, yet societally induced trauma is relevant to the ‘Mind in the Line of Fire’ theme chosen for our 53rd Congress in Cartagena, in 2023.  Our IPA leaders (President Harriet Wolfe and Vice-President Adriana Prengler) have recognized that the pandemic exaggerated societal inequities long with us; they urge us to develop psychoanalytic theory relevant to societal effects on psyches. Children and adolescents are often the group most affected by cultural changes and catastrophes.  They are like the canaries sent into coal mines to signal the presence of gases, imbibing cultural, societal and economic changes in a rapid and powerful way.  In advance of the congress, COCAP (IPA Committee on Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis) here initiates a blog entitled, ‘Children’s Minds in the Line of Fire.’  

Dr. Mary T. Brady, COCAP Co-Chair


Cria Cuervos: political and personal trauma in a child’s mind 

5 January 
Mary T. Brady Ph.D. discusses trauma in children through the Spanish film, ‘Cria Cuervos.’ The individual trauma in the film is also linked to larger societal trauma.