Little Cultural Gifts

Each month we will present a little gift: a small video, a poem, a song, a painting, something that may touch, amuse, puzzle, move, inspire, or surprise you.

Psychoanalysis and Art 

Many artists explore psychoanalysis or the psyche in their work. Some analysts are also artists. 

Virtual Psychoanalytic Museum

Explore current installations: The Courage to Fight Violence Against Women

Children's Art

On the occasion of the 52nd IPA Congress on The Infantile. Its Multiple Dimensions, the Culture Committee invited IPA members and candidates to share the artwork of their children and grandchildren.

Billboard on Cultural Events 

Explore global cultural events sent in by our very own IPA Culture Scouts  

Psychoanalysis and Literature 

Cultural Essays

[Img: James Baldwin at his home in France, 1983

Cultural musings with a psychoanalytic eye